Our Pediatric Dentistry Services

Keeping kids, teens, and special needs patients stay safe and healthy.

Let's Get Proactive

Dr. Matos and Dr. Patel use preventative treatment to stop dental problems in their tracks.

One of our assistants demonstrating pediatric dental services at an elementary school

At Stuart Pediatric Dentistry…See more on the homepage…, we specialize in preventative care to help your child enjoy a healthy, cavity-free smile!

Prevention begins as soon as your child’s first tooth appears. Why? Because identifying dental issues before they become more significant problems is key to promoting proper tooth and jaw development.

Our dentists want you and your little ones to feel empowered to make smart healthcare decisions now and in the future. Our pediatric dentists in Stuart, FL…Learn more about our dentists…, provide fun and personalized education for children and parents about brushing, flossing, and nutrition.

In addition to our education, we provide a range of preventative dental services, including:

  • Dental Exams

  • Cleanings

  • Fluoride Treatment

  • Sealants (BPA free)

  • SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride)

  • Space Maintainers

Restoring Special Smiles

Guiding your child in for a safe landing at our office.

Our dental assistants smiling with two young patients at our office in Stuart, FL

As parents ourselves, we know there is nothing you wouldn’t do to protect your child. As skilled Stuart pediatric dentists…Get to know our doctors…, we understand how our services can help keep them safe and protect their health.

Occasionally, despite your best efforts, teeth can become damaged, and oral problems can arise. In cases like this, our team is prepared!

We offer restorative care to preserve your child’s dental health and self-esteem.

What’s more, your child’s comfort and health are our top priorities. We are committed to only using high-quality and kid-friendly materials for all our services. Whatever your child needs, we’ll be ready to provide comprehensive care combined with the latest technology so they can enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile one again.

Here is what we offer:

  • White Fillings (mercury-free)

  • Kids Crowns

  • Baby Root Canals

  • Extractions (baby teeth only)

In addition, we offer emergency dentistry to all our patients. If your child needs urgent care, then please call us at 772-600-5130…Click to call…


Our dental assistants smiling with two young patients at our office in Stuart, FL
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Sedation Dentistry
Helping children fly through their appointment.
Nitrous Oxide

This mild form of sedation helps your little one feel relaxed during their dental appointment. The sweet-tasting gas is delivered through a nasal hood while being gently inhaled.

IV Sedation

This type of sedation is ideal when your child needs to undergo a more extensive restorative procedure. A pediatric anesthesiologist and nurse will help your child feel relaxed and sleepy (with no pain) while still being conscious. We monitor your child throughout and ensure they remain comfortable.

Hospital Services

If your child requires a more complex dental procedure, our pediatric dentists in Stuart, FL, may suggest general anesthesia. We partner with a local hospital to provide expert care in a specially equipped operating room.

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